Saturday, February 29, 2020

Taxi driver Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Taxi driver - Essay Example t probably not for me because he has psychological problems such as; unable to sleep some nights, swallowing some pills, he wants to drive a car at nights and nowhere in the movie that shows the Vietnam part or any proof other than his Jacket. He thus has just one jacket, which is not enough proof for me because he was also lying to his family, by sending letters without his addresses as well as the fact that he cannot say anything about his job; events that were enough for me to realize his lies as well as psychological problems, such that when I analyse him from this side I cannot be hundred percent sure Travis was a veteran. Throughout the movie Travis felt alone; trying to find an exit. In addition he was in love with Betsy and frequently went to talk with her in her office. Betsy accepted his invitation since Travis did well on his first talk but on the second night he brought her a pornographic movie, however after that night he never saw her again despite him calling her sever al times and sending flowers to her house, Betsy never came back since she understood they have different lives. Cybil Lynne Shepherd as Betsy though played for less time; played a role which was a changing point in the movie. Her powerful eye contacts with Travis showed that she is an independent and courageous volunteer. The way that Travis approached Betsy was very well portrayed in the movie. Travis as a casual taxi driver is not so much interested in the politics of the country. But the way people were changing made him to become violent and rise against the social problems. The director has clearly shown that the only way Travis used to kill his lonely and desperate hours was by watching pornography since he was suffering from chronic insomnia. This shows the exact social status standing at that period of time in America. Also the adulterous behavior of family members added more coal to the fire and these incidents coupled together to make him think about the bad ideas other than

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