Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Cold War Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 4

Cold War - Essay Example The USSR needs to take a firm stand on the Afghan war. If we cannot, the war may be lost, and soon it will be difficult to contain the internal masses. If the war lasts for another four years, it will easily cripple our already fragile economy. It will be difficult to justify to the subjective masses why we sponsored the war without the necessary capacity to sustain and win it within acceptable time frames. Winning in the nearest future (perhaps one or two years) means that the USSR has to commit more resources to the war, on such a large scale as to beat President Reagan’s enormous funding. While such a move is relatively highly risky and a huge gamble, its success will be the ultimate prize. One serious and immediate concern for your leadership is the growing influence of the US in Western Europe. We understand that the United Kingdom and France are jointly building aerial interception centers and equipment for launching long-range missiles. In fact, our intelligence has gone beyond this public faà §ade and exposed the real reason why the centers are being built. These are centers for launching both ground and aerial attacks on the USSR and conduct aerial surveillance in the country. Without the possible option to bomb these centers down, for the obvious reason we feel we may not amicably bear the escalated consequences of such a move, it is important to set up a counter-station in Eastern Europe for our own protection. Recently, the US has shown greater willingness to engage us in a nuclear war.

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