Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Illegal Immigration to the U.S. Essay -- Cons of Illegal Immigration, I

Illegal Immigration in the States Works Cited Not Included Cynthia Tucker, an editor for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, published an article on the issue of the illegal immigration to the United States in October 2005, in which she argues that illegal immigration is one of the serious issues like crime, poverty, and terrorism which demands wise leaders who can solve this issue. She criticizes Tom Tancredo; a Republican congressional representative from Colorado, for promoting a legislation which she claims minimizes the rights of illegal immigrants. In her argument, she does not take into consideration the side effects on U.S society of illegal immigration and she ignores the cost of illegal immigration. For example, there is a study conducted by the Center Of Immigration Studies, an independent, non-partisan, non-profit research organization founded in 1985, which estimates that "households headed by illegal aliens used $10 billion more in government services than they paid in taxes in 2002."(Center of Immigration...). Cynthia Tuck er cannot defend her argument clearly and loses credibility because she attacks Tancredo himself and not just his argument, and she ignores issues related to immigration like terrorism. Tucker believes that the main reason for illegal immigration to the United States is the businesses who hire the undocumented workers, as cheap labor. She criticizes Tancredo for promoting this legislation and in the same time neglecting the businesses who hire them. She claims that Tancredo's legislation will deprive the immigrants from their writes, and this will affect the United States because these immigrants produce benefits. She illustrates the benefits of immigration to the States with two crucial... ...ple living in the United States and nearly one million arriving each year; as a result, the potential for terrorists entering the United States undetected is high. Center for Immigration Studies Director of Research, Steven Camarota explains that: "Because every part of our immigration system has been exploited by terrorists, we cannot reform just one area, but must address the problems that exist throughout (Center of Immigration...). Tucker ignores this serious issue which Tucker does not illustrate the whole facts and the issues that related to the issue of illegal immigrants to the States. She also does not criticize Tancredo's argument logically; instead she attack Tancredo himself. Finally, she does mention the other issues like terrorism, language and crime. At the end, Cynthia Tucker loses her credibility because she can not defend her argument clearly.

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