Monday, November 18, 2019

Managers, Management and the Management Environment Lab Report

Managers, Management and the Management Environment - Lab Report Example Effective management requires the organisation management to have a vision, objectives, policies and strategies that must be forecasted. Enhanced management practices have regularly being linked to diligence, superiority, involvement, and regulation of strategic-planning practice by the organisation’s leadership (Harrison, 2003). This discussion paper will focus on the impact of current management practices within the hospitality industry particularly the influence of culture, technology and parochialism in regards to their human resources function. The study will examine why diverse management practices in the industry have impacted negatively on employee turnovers and how modern management practises can offset this trend. There are three main managerial levels in organisations that encompass the top, middle and lower level management levels. The upper level is represented by the company board and managing director or the CEO who formulates the strategic plans for the entire organisation. The middle hierarchy of administration comprise of functional managers including the human resources, marketing, and finance department managers. The lower echelon is made of the front-line managers and their supervisors who must be endowed with commensurate technical skills that qualify them run the daily operations of the organisation. These strata nevertheless necessitate diverse skills to qualify for the particular level’s specific duties hence the top managers need conception or analytical skills to make strategic decisions while the mid-level managers require human skills to interact well with all stakeholders but the last level only necessitate appropriate technical acumen to discharge their duties effe ctively (Robin and Coulter, 2002). [See illustration below Figure: 1] Within the hospitality industry, the management has acknowledged the significance of having quality

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